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Air Handler


AirRevive’s air handler and roof top unit maintenance service improves guest comfort, reduces maintenance calls and energy usage.

AirRevive’s refurbishment process goes beyond common preventive maintenance protocols.


Step 1: Disinfect, refurbish and extend the life of the asset.


AirRevive’s process is designed to first sanitize the unit:

  • Clean coil using ChemTron’s Fin Clean solutions. Fin Clean is an alkaline base liquid cleaner that removes deposits from deep in the coil core.  Fin Clean acts with foam that progresses through the coils inwards. It is water soluble, residual free and biodegradable.
  • Disinfect all interior surfaces utilizing ChemTron’s EPA registered disinfectant.
  • Deodorize the unit utilizing ChemTron’s specialized odor control products.



To extend the life of the asset, AirRevive repairs, reconditions, protects and rebuilds:

  • Remove and eliminate rusted and deteriorated surfaces on the cabinet, pan and other surfaces.
  •  Recondition exterior surfaces to protect and reduce corrosion.
  •  Rebuild pieces when necessary.
  •  Apply protective impermeable coating and galvanized paint to surfaces.
  •  Inspect and evaluate the condition of the supply and return vents and ducts specifically looking for moisture and organic substance buildup.



Step 2: Asset Protection Report

  • AirRevive’s AHU maintenance service asset protection findings report includes:
    •  AHU maintenance service results including static pressure change;
    • Suggested preventive maintenance program and schedule to protect the asset; and
    • Findings and solutions to extend the life of the asset.

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AHU & RTU Images Before and After AirRevive Service

  • The AirRevive Difference

        • Asset preservation
        • Improve guest comfort
        • Reduced maintenance calls
        • Twenty five years of experience and continued refinement
        • Proprietary EPA Registered and approved chemical solutions
        • Green Clean Institute certified
        • Static pressure changes from 20-40%
        • Awarded ChemTron coil cleaning process

Air handler unit maintenance includes:


      • Clean coil
      • Recondition pan
      • Decontaminate/sanitize or replace insulation
      • Flush condensate drain lines
      • Eliminate rust
      • Decontaminate all interior surfaces
      • Disinfect inside cabinet
      • Vacuum duct work in plenum at the unit
      • Fog ducts – from return and supply
      • Decontaminate any heat coils and dampers
      • Decontaminate blower assembly

Air handler unit photos taken before and after AirRevive maintenance.

I would like to express my appreciation for the activities of your technicians at the Kaplan University Corporate Offices. The technicians were passionate and dedicated towards their work. They were punctual, attentive to details, went above and beyond and worked the extra hours needed for the more challenging work. I found them resourceful in identifying solutions for hard to reach areas. The professionalism of the techs and the quality of the work was beyond expectations. I will be certainly using them again for all of our air handler maintenance.``
Robert Davila, Chief Engineer, Kaplan University Corporate Offices